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Submissions to the Blog are welcome at all times. Editors are likely to prioritise submissions that have not already been published on other platforms, and are received by ECGI Fellows and Research Members. Submissions are welcome from other ECGI member categories and also from non-members with relevant expertise in corporate governance and stewardship. Submissions from undergraduates are not accepted. Submissions of strong current interest which fit with the Blog themes may also have priority. 'Letters to the Editor' are also welcome through the below form. Due to the limited number of article publications in each issue, unfortunately many articles will not be selected for publication. To increase the likelihood of acceptance, it is suggested to adhere to the informal style of the blog and to keep within approximately 800 words.

Style note: The Blog platform facilitates more timely scholarly reflection without the often long lead-in time and caveated restrictions associated with the publication of academic research. Informed opinions are welcome. Practitioner and policy perspectives are also encouraged to include strong opinions.

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