This form is to be used for new submissions to the ECGI working paper series. 

Revisions of existing papers in the series should be sent to Alternatively, you can submit your revisions to SSRN and the ECGI cover page will be added shortly thereafter.

ECGI Fellows and Research Members are eligible to submit corporate governance and stewardship papers to the ECGI working paper series' in law and finance.

By exception, papers that are presented at ECGI affiliated events are also eligible for consideration. 

The series is intended for works in progress (i.e., not for already published pieces). The acid test for inclusion is whether the paper could be published in a scholarly journal. As such, the main focus is on research papers. Essays, longer surveys or handbook chapters will typically also be included. Comments, op-ed pieces, cases, or teaching notes will not be included.

If you have a question that is not answered on the Frequently Asked Questions page, please contact


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